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(020303 Sun)
Cleaned up the code a little, which helped accelerate loading to some extent.
Also, I found my very 1st website in the darkest corners of my harddisk!
It is so amazing to retrieve such an "antique"... Hahaha  :p

Reflecting... I have begun to realize that ~Existence~ has degraded very much,
but i guess this is just a tradeoff, so that I can deliver what I blive is essential.

Anyway, I have placed it below under [ andy 1999 ]
Please take a look and appreciate the changes...

(240203 Mon)
Added our very own local (Singapore) WKRZ91.3FM !
Now playing in the background...

(110203 Tues)
So sorry that my site still havent got any major change of outlook.
You see, I have been making websites for others (see "ISP" section),
and I have got not enuf sleep, in fact no sleep for 2 days...
Actually now I quite pity my two PCs coz i forced them to work for me non-stop (48 hours!).
Hopefully, i get to deliver my promise during the end-of-semester vacations.
To all my loyal visitors, thank you for your support and for coming to my site! :)

(011202 Sun)
Lotsa things happening to the online industry.
One of which is Homex which is closing down its services.
As a consequence, i will be doing some minor revamps !
In addition, i am thinking of some funky ideas.
Also planning to include pics.
On top of that, i will change the outlook of the site! Hooray!
Till then, see u!

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